Unity - A Vision of Universal Consciousness

Unity - A Vision of Universal Consciousness

Living during a time of pre-war fear and economic crisis, it’s inevitable that we begin to search for something to lessen the pain and suffering that we witness daily. For many years our society has gone to great efforts to create division and separation, casting our neighbours as foes due to their otherness. Even now as war rages on we are encouraged to pick a side - polemic rhetoric tries to prove the rightfulness and worth of one people over another. There is a great power in division - for the few.

The focus of the Unity project aims to give a voice to the power we can feel as whole - as one people. Where even in the face of difference we can find, and resolve to choose, harmony. Borne from the throes of an existential crisis and spiritual awakening, in stripping back the conditioning of a life no longer sustainable, emerged a true sense of self and it became easier to see just how alike we all are. Made of complex moving parts and individual perspectives; although it is true that we are all unique, in that uniqueness we are one.

Language and communication feature as an underlying theme throughout the series; semiotics and symbols give hints at a message just out of reach. A tension of frustration where we feel so close to seeing the answer to achieving true peace and balance, while ultimately remaining ignorant to a tangible route forward.

Due to the nature of exploration needed to undertake this project, the work is saturated with an intimate care; discernible on the surface and palpable in its imagery. The attention to detail and sincerity of intention resonate beyond the edges of the canvas; creating space and giving feedback as they’re observed, the works instigate a conversation of perpetual intuitive reflection.

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